5 questions to leaders in event & retail. Werner von Moltke, PDC Europe (Darts)

Werner von Moltke is the founder of the professional darts corporation PDC Europe and runs big championship events in public, online and on TV. He repositioned darts as a sport, that it is. Last year PDC sold more than 1 million tickets in Europe. Darts made it to the saturday primetime at N°1 TV channel Pro7 and was nominated as top 10 sports (BILD) in Germany. Some years ago, the visionary Werner von Moltke jr. managed the youth & music media title N°1 BRAVO and runs his own agency for sports, event and entertainment. 

1.Where are you right now?

At home in Munich.

2.What was the biggest surprise or positive learning this year?

What “fear” can do with people… Covid brought out the best and worst of people. We learned who our real partners and friends are and who ain’t. Money or profit maximization can not be the main goal in our society! Crisis also creates creativity… I see two kinds of people: a) “this doesn’t work because…” and b) “how can we make it happen?” (unfortunately the minority).

3.Where is your company in the process of digitisation? What’s to come or what did you implement lately?

Digitising is key, as well as hygiene and safety concepts.

4.What is the biggest client challenge post-covid?

Building direct communication chains with customers, embrace them, make them aware of the current situation and challenges, and building faith and trust.

5.The classic “why” question on purpose: Why does your brand and business exist?

Because people always liked and always will like “to be entertained”. They want have a good time, to be part of a community, and to interact with each other.


Thank you Werner and thanks to our readers to stay tuned.

Stay safe. Stay strong. 

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