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We update your marketing to achieve more with less.

We are brand maker, rule breaker, digital consultants, sparring partner and trailblazer. We are creating digitally powered and creatively inspired experiences for direct-2-consumer brands (D2C) and new retail. We believe in digital experiences and communities as source of growth. We cherish greatness, provide strategy and execution from one source. Over more than 10 years, our team has helped transform businesses and transferred our expertise to brands of big to small, and medium-size. We provide solutions to enhance the client experience at both POS and online.  

We bridge the gap between retail and eCommerce to create space for growth next to your existing business. 

More community. More brand. More margin. 2becontinued.



how we do it

The future of marketing

Future brands grow through D2C and Communities. To win you have to be obsessed with the consumer, understand communities and create digital ecosystems. This creates experience & sales funnel and a data feedback loop.


We position your brand, digitise or simplify your marketing to expand from a strong niche to a broader market proposition. We provide options and quick wins with your team to build trust. We are a culture accelerator.  



Consumer experiences start with an online search and surely do not end once the purchase is made. Relevant services and personalised dialog online and at the POS create equity. Customer specific data help increase and manage revenue per customer, hence increase customer lifetime value. 

We are digital & D2C professionals: We build websites, e-commerce and digital eco & booking systems.



What and for who, asked Ogilvy. Successful brands are characterised by a clear positioning and emotional narrative that leaves a lasting impression on the customer, despite competitive pressure. This is how a good product becomes a unique brand personality.

We are brand makers: We innovate & optimise portfolios.


Prioritise, digitise, automate. Simplifying your marketing helps to gain space for creativity, quality and performance. Whether you want to reduce budgets, increase margins or face big changes ahead, you need to create more impact with less resources – the key is to focus and connect platforms along the funnel. Digital tools and AI help to streamline the process. We are funnel experts: We optimise social media, CRM, performance & campaigns.

true stories

Customized approaches to create great impact.

Digital Transformation
Fitness First
Expansion Beyond Footwear
Positioning & Omnichannel Experience
Digital Community Roadmap
Red Bull
Brand & Franchise System
Pure Online Player


What clients say about us

“A brilliant marketeer”

“At L’Oréal Oliver was able to build a turnaround plan and make Fructis the most successful new brand at time. Oliver is a brillant marketeer, an outstanding team player and knows how to make people succeed together. A great guy to work with! “

Vincent Warnery Member of the Executive Committee, Beiersdorf AG

“Curious thinkers”

Oli and his band of curious thinkers and creatives were invaluable at Fitness First as our transformation went from physical to digital. Oli is always worth his place in the room when I am at a brand business.

Mark Hutcheon Director, Deloitte UK, before Fitness First Global

“A hands-on attitude”

Oli is the perfect Plug-and-Play-CMO and visionary business leader who blends innovative thinking with a hands-on attitude to help brands grow… a perfect fit for leaders who need a hand in transforming their business.

Sven Weisbrich Geschäftsführer, Frankfurter Brauunion, before CEO Universal Media DACH

“I highly recommend”

“Oliver is a digital transformation strategist who gets things done and makes brands perform better with his exerptise & out of the box thinking. I highly recommend Oliver in the area of digital & brand building.”

Markus Ense  Strategy Director IQOS, before VP EMEA Amer Sports

“Direct-2-consumer strategist”

“Oli and his team have helped ruf in the digital transformation which led to the turnaround. Oli is a top marketeer, direct-2-consumer strategist and pragmatic executer. He takes teams well on board and delivers results. If you want to position, digitise or rethink your brand, you are in good hands with 2bc.“

Thomas Korbus Founder ruf Jugendreisen 

“Major strategic initiative”

“Oliver and his 2bc team developed and implemented a major strategic initiative at Cyberport. Oliver’s great strategic experience, combined with hands-on mentality … was crucial to its success. It is still a foundation of the current success of Cyberport.

Helmar Hipp Managing Director, Cyberport Gmbh

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What moves us and our clients’  business

AI F.O.O.L.S Event at Lalia Social Club Palma

AI F.O.O.L.S Event at Lalia Social Club Palma

Our AI F.O.O.L.S event at Lalia Social Club Palma was an incredible gathering of AI experts, innovators, and enthusiasts who shared new product and provoking insights and engaged in fruitful discussions. Here are the key takeaways from our deep dive sessions

AI Meetup 2.0 in Palma

AI Meetup 2.0 in Palma

AI’s relentless evolution is the reason why we initiated an AI expert meetup in Palma to unite, sharing insights and fostering progress.

Our last meetup showcased AI’s transformative potential across industries.

Jan’s presentation on “PLAIERS”

Riding the AI wave: Don’t just adapt, revolutionize!

Riding the AI wave: Don’t just adapt, revolutionize!

Riding the AI wave: Don’t just adapt, revolutionize! Experience the transformative power of AI in personalized interactions across various industries. From integrating AI in core business processes to redefining product marketing and revolutionizing sports merchandising, AI is reshaping the way we engage with customers. Discover how AI agents automate routine tasks, visualize ideas instantly, enhance fan engagement, streamline operations, and unlock new business models. Embrace the limitless possibilities and stay ahead in this relentless AI revolution.

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