5 questions to leaders in consumer and retail: Kai Bordel, Starbucks

Kai Bordel is Managing Director Starbucks Germany. He is responsible for app. 160 cafes. Before he worked a long time for Nike and companies G-Star RAW, CBR Fashion Group. Kai Bordel started once at Sport Münzinger after university.    

1.Where are you right now, physically?

At home.

2.What was your biggest surprise or positive learning this year?

How little I have been missing travelling and how quickly I got accustomed to work from home. 

3.Where is your company in the process of digitising the business? What’s to come or what has been implemented this year?

Still some way to go! We have started delivery services in a couple of stores collaborating with an aggregator. This is web and App based. Activating mobile ordering within our company’s loyalty program through the respective App is work in progress.

4.What is your biggest client challenge post-covid?

Pulling clients back into the stores delivering a safe environment.

5.The classic “why” question on purpose: Why does your brand and business exist?

Because people like good coffee at various occasions in a “safe 3rd place” (next to work or home), where they know, what to expect.


Thank you Kai and to all readers for staying tuned. Stay Safe. Stay strong. Enjoy your coffee or tea.

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