Fitness First

Sustainable growth of member lifetime value after digitising client experiences beyond the club



The brief

Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation of Fitness First globally in a category with a devaluated offer and price battles 
  • Repositioning and digitisation of the member experience beyond the physical club experience
  • Design of the ecosystem incl. added value services and scalable products for a profitable data-driven business
  • Piloting and implementing new Fitness First concepts in key markets like UK, GER, AUS etc.


    The vision & result

    Double digit growth of customer lifetime value after digitisation

    The vision was to redefine the category with an innovative concept for a flexible, motivating lifestyle experience beyond machines and dated fitness plans. The new concept was based on an international segmentation, scalable product experiences and signature services for a global roll out. The filter: less focus on standards like weight and fitness goals, but rather to support a “healthy” self-confidence of customers to GO FURTHER in their work and private lives.

    The projects were gradually implemented as part of the overall strategy from the idea to the launch plan: From Australia to Singapore to the UK and Germany. The result: A double-digit growth in joiners, member retention and revenue per member – building a successful formula for customer lifetime value.


    In the German-speaking market, the marketing had to be restructured in a way to successfully launch new products (e.g. group training freestyle, web, customfit app). The concept:
    Step 1 – win the fitness personnel and existing club members as they are the key authenticators.
    Step 2 – activate new guests online and via events.
    Step 3 – brand campaigns. This activation model helped to bring innovations to market faster and more sustainable.

    The ROI of this invest was higher than traditional media campaigns. Relevant customer goals such as yield, NPS and retention increased significantly.



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