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Repositioning Trampoline Parks: A 2bc Success Story with Europe's number 1 Trampolin entertainment group



The brief

Expansion, innovation and going digital

Rush Group, Europe’s market leader in indoor trampoline parks, planned to tackle the challenges of expansion, innovation, and going digital. The focus? Jump House and Superfly Airsports. 2becontinued already helped to define the brand and strategy and was selected to help in the new context of expansion in Germany.

The challenge

Simplified Brands:

  • Redefine the trampoline park brands portfolio with straightforward lineup.

Better Services:

  • Come up with innovative and promising services to create more happiness and value for guests and business. 

Digital Upgrade:

  • Use technology to make things smoother for customers and get the word out.

      The vision & result

      The main goal: Customers should have a good time.

      Putting Customers First: 2bc introduced a concept for specific segments and needs (academy, camp, fitjump, coach). Instead of being just employees who made sure no one gets hurt – they became the go-to people for guests, making the whole experience more personal, fun. Employees motivate and help guests to grow personally and learn some cool trampoline tricks.

      Happy in Action: The employees (flight crew for Superfly and jump team for Jump House) act like a mix of guides and entertainers. They aren’t just about serious stuff, they are about the most serious stuff: safety and happiness. Having a good time was their top priority. Buddies make sure guests enjoy themselves and look forward to coming back for more. A community feeling evolves that you can measure in reputation, referel and retention.

      Exclusive Perks: Apart from birthday parties, Jump House and Superfly Air Sports start and revise an existing membership program “Flight Club” to fit for both brands reflecting the needs of guest and business. This gives frequent visitors special benefits and discounts, creating a community of trampoline park fans. Gamification is key: All attractions are revisited to bring in more and more feedback systems making it fun and rewarding.

      From trampoline parks to community brands. Working together, Jump House, Superfly Air Sports are considered leading brands in keeping customers happy, introducing innovative concepts that speak to guests from the heart. The revised membership program, the gamification and the overall experience of trampoline parks are examples that parks are not just places to jump—they are communities.

      As the Rush Group grows, this shows how simple ideas can make a big difference in the entertainment world. The future looks bright for Jump House and Superfly Air Sports as they keep reaching for new heights.


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