Brand Expansion beyond Footwear & POS



The brief

“Switching gears” with Urban Drivestyle

E-mobility collaboration with Urban Drivestyle.
New target groups & communities.
Storytelling for e-commerce & POS. 
Street culture goes urban e-mobility.


    The vision & result

     A reference for Streetculture  

    Snipes is “more than a retailer”, because “Snipes knows”. The strategy in retail is clear: More relevance, more traffic, more sales. So storytelling beyond footwear and POS expands the brand to fully stay true to their idea to be the spirit of street culture. Stories like urban e-mobility are a good opportunity. We initiated a collab between the top streetculture retailer Snipes and the stylish e-bike brand Urban Drivestyle creating a memorable experience for its customers on street, online, and in top 30 Snipes Stores all over Europe.

    The collab: a limited edition e-bike collection of two bike models designed by the Snipes & UD creative team: the stylish BMX bike “UDX” and the moped inspired “UNI MK”.

    This special edition is presented on all Snipes channels: online, social and at approximately 30 selected key POS all over Europe: Paris, Barcelona, Naples, Vienna, Rotterdam, Cologne, Berlin, …

    It is a reflection of urban mobility trends and Snipes’ positioning as a top street culture brand – beyond Sneakers and Retail.

    We created a win-win-win for everyone with this cooperation. And Snipes and UD are writing a unique story to connect communities and gain traffic and relevance. #Fahrfreude





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