AI’s relentless evolution is the reason why we initiated an AI expert meetup in Palma to unite, sharing insights and fostering progress.

Our last meetup showcased AI’s transformative potential across industries.

Jan‘s presentation on “PLAIERS” highlighted how AI assists club managers to make data-driven decisions on player transfers and lineup strategies analysing over 280.000 players from a club perspective. This tool not only benefits sports organisations to get more bang for their bucks, but also engages fans, illustrating AI’s broad applicability in B2B and B2C. The AI system behind this allows predictive analyses in various sectors as Jan and Dany illustrated with examples in aviation, logistics, retail and home delivery.

Veronique, an expert in early stage AI investment, shared her insights into the vibrant landscape of venture capital for AI startups. She emphasized the advantages of AI ventures, such as much shorter development cycles and rapid proof of concept advancements. Her advice for startups looking to attract investment underscored the importance of strategic alignment with investor expectations, especially in the US compared to Europe.

Ralf introduced his use of AI in revolutionizing lead generation and database management within IT recruitment. His insights into the automation of these processes showcase the shift towards more efficient and innovative recruitment strategies, promising significant changes in how companies source talent.

Enora introduced us to the future of dating apps, focusing on character over appearance. I am sure with Jan’s AI’s this may transform social interactions.
In the light of AI transforming IT development, Carlos advocated for a strategic focus on key roles such as CTOs who are adept at leveraging new technologies to build digital products more efficiently to scale faster.

The discussions at our meetup underscored AI’s pervasive impact, from enhancing sports strategies to reshaping investment landscapes and recruitment practices. As we continue to explore AI’s potential, our expert circle is committed to inclusivity and innovation. This journey is only the beginning. We will delve deeper into projects, offering and receiving critical feedback, grill and applause, a testament to the collective drive to innovate and excel. #2becontinued #ai #innovation #collaboration #digital.

Special thanks to the Puro Group, who hosted our event at the Puro Hotel and Anne and Kevin for help organising.
This is just the beginning. hashtag2becontinued

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Thanks again to my friends, experts, entrepreneurs for showcasing these exciting projects and for a great second round. Good things ahead!