Service positioning of the omnichannel retailer Cyberport in a market of giants like Amazon & Mediamarkt Saturn leads to a sustainable double digit growth on all sales platforms.



The brief

Full-Service Positioning 

  • Event based customer segmentation & product portfolio
  • Positioning incl. brand books & value based KPI system 
  • Omnichannel strategy incl. optimising the outlets’ visibility and services


    The vision & result

    Double digit revenue growth rate after strategy shift

    2becontinued worked with the Dresden based omnichannel retailer to successfully position cyberport against giants like Amazon, Mediamarkt, and Saturn by redefining their brand and POS strategy. In the ranking of German online shops, Cyberport is now in the top 5 (>800 million € turnover and premium seller for brands such as Apple and Lenovo). Ever since it’s new positioning. Cyberport achieved a sales growth of +20% (CAGR). Cyberport is one of the winners during and after the COVID19 period.

    “The digital transformation of online players will be a key topic over the coming years. To actually transform client-, data- and technology-based companies is a question of tech and culture“, says Helmar Hipp, Managing Director Cyberport.

    Cyberport offers customer solutions instead of just selling cheaper or louder like Mediamarkt, Saturn and other (r)e-tailers. The idea was to build a system that creates trust through experiences, help to self-select the right solution, personalise the customer dialogue, and guide clients almost ‘automatically’. Instead of trying to compete with Amazon or Otto in terms of assortment, Cyberport aimed to win clients by offering a better service pre- and post sales. For example, instead of trying to sell 300 different notebooks, selecting and showcasing 30 SKUs in depths makes it easy for customers to make the right choice.  This positive experience makes clients come back. 2bc helped to create and launch a service attack at the POS plus a 360° campaign “#erstmalverstehen” (“understand before buying”) with the creative agency heimat and burda media, which achieved a conversion rate of >5% of the targeted online ads.

    Helmar Hipp, Managing Director cyberport. “Oliver and his 2bc team developed and implemented a major strategic initiative at Cyberport. Oliver’s great strategic experience, combined with hands-on mentality… was crucial to its success. It is still a foundation of the current success of Cyberport.“ 

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