Digital campaigns & repositioning of its private label portfolio increased traffic, sales & margins.



The brief

Digitisation & Repositioning 

  • Client segmentation and analysis of their potential
  • Digitisation of marketing- and sales concepts
  • Repositioning of görtz private label portfolio  
  • Optimising the funnel incl. social media, CRM and eCommerce plan of attack


    The vision & result

    More traffic, sales and higher margins

    Görtz has been one of the largest shoe retailers since 1875. The entry of discounters and online players (deichmann, zalando, amazon, ccc, about you) has changed the market drastically. 2becontinued helped Görtz to optimise their private label portfolio and digitise the marketing & product creation model.

    The first strategic pillar was a data- and trend-analysis driven customer segmentation plus a redefinition of the seasonal product creation process with the design and sales department (brand book + aligned process).

    Second pillar: The newly gained insights helped to revise the training standards for sales teams and was the spark to their first & successful digital video campaign based on a core sales insight.

    Third pillar: shift from the current “WKZ” model (supplier supported ad & promo budget) and classic print catalogue to a new orchestrated 360° mix of content, CRM and POS promotions as win-win. This led to significantly less work internally, more impact and a positive ROI.

    The overall result that season: higher traffic in the Görtz stores, more sales and a significantly higher margin for the private labels Another A, COX, Görtz and later Belmondo, all following the 2bc S.H.I.F.T approach.



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