In a recent AI session entrepreneurs shared their latest projects. AI is way more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for revolutionary change not only in our business. These examples give an idea, that AI is transforming relentlessly everything from core processes to strategies and structure, involving everyone from CEOs to frontline workers.

Here are some distilled insights from our first round of discussions:

1.     From Experiment to Business Process Revolution

Peter emphasized the integration of AI in core business processes. The key question is how deeply AI should be embedded f.e. to automate time consuming “routine tasks” with AI agents. Imagine not one, but a swarm of AI agents. They could even take over complete areas of business incl. some managing director processes.

2.     Revolutionary Product Marketing

Roman as creative director and AI artist shared how AI is changing art and the sequence of product development. Ideas are visualized instantly within their marketing before a product prototype, challenging marketers to become creators and vice versa.

3.     Sports Marketing and Merchandise Revolution

Daniel illustrated how AI is turning sports moments into immediate marketing opportunities at MerchandAIse, enhancing fan engagement and creating vertical business models along the value chain.

4.     Automation efficiency through connection AI tools AI

Tobias demonstrated the power of AI at LOTARO in connection with tools like Zapier in streamlining business operations and customer service, reducing the need for deep programming knowledge.

5.     Evolving Business Models

We’re witnessing the limitless possibilities AI brings to business. And we had just a first deep dive with four selected projects in this round.

The pace of AI is relentless. Standing still is not an option

Markets are conversations. And this conversation creates new opportunities in many ways. As many say, it also brings risks that will be the same difficult to fully grasp today.

It’s essential to keep brainstorming, sharing and evolving to stay ahead.

We will continue our discussion format. I encourage everyone to start creative problem-solving dialogues in your networks to collectively influence the future of AI innovation.

This is just the beginning. hashtag2becontinued

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Thanks to my friends, experts, entrepreneurs for showcasing these exciting projects and for the great first round.