Our AI F.O.O.L.S event at Lalia Social Club Palma was an incredible gathering of AI experts, innovators, and enthusiasts who shared new product and provoking insights and engaged in fruitful discussions. Here are the key takeaways from our deep dive sessions:

🔍 DeepSights AI: Activating Insights in F&B
Olaf Lenzmann, tech visionary and CIPO of Market Logic Software, leader in insight engagement management, serving over 100 global brands like LEGO, Kellogg’s, Dyson, Amex, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, and Mercedes Benz. He introduced the latest innovation and bestseller, DeepSights AI, which answers business questions based on specific data (RAG). Olaf wowed everyone with a new experimental agent beta (details still under wraps). Key takeaway: Address topics that seem impossible to solve but may be possible soon. Build products assuming the next generation of AI.

🗣️ Early-Stage AI Voice Solutions for Coaching & Interviews
Peter Nötzel took us through his new venture “J” in the making and discussed potential use cases with a voice-based assistant to generate customer feedback for a customer centric product development. Benefits are less bias, multilanguage and available instantly to be translated into actionable insights (see Olaf). This could revolutionize the current way of research and customer centric product development. As a tech enthusiast ahead of the mass market, his leading beacon for all his ventures is: creating happier customers and fostering a love for the product.

🛒 Retail Revolution
Dany Lyons discussed revolutionizing retail by addressing efficiency issues. One big topic f.e. is stock. $7.45 trillion of stock value is blocked in storage. Their AI model, NeuropredictR, predicts future sales based on various variables. The core system, EffectR, selects the best AI to and has applications beyond retail, useful in various industry where big data can predict business flows. One example is plaier.com from our previous session, showcasing its applications in delivery and aviation. Key insight: Data trust is crucial and data is the lifeblood of a company.

💊 AI in Tumor Boards for Cancer Treatment
Daniel Rüben and Tim Klöcker presented a scalable model to fight cancer accessible to medical staff and potentially also to patients. They highlighted their assistant AI for medical staff to recommend treatments, addressing challenges like limited databases and difference in AI systems to understand the concept of cancer. They noted potential growth through data from hospitals and patients, drawing lessons from another case, where data donations during COVID-19 helped to predict epidemic peaks faster through retail data from OTC self-medication.

The event concluded with engaging discussions overa delightful dinner. A big thank to all AI FOOLS! Let’s continue to innovate and push the boundaries of AI. Jellyfish by Roman Kuhn

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