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What do you think about the future of the brand MadeInGermany?

The economic brand “Made in Germany” is showing cracks. The title of the export world champion is fading, and the middle class seems to be saying goodbye quietly. Really?

The lack of solution orientation in many public discussions is toxic. Our focus on deficits paralyzes the creative innovation power, an essential part of the German core brand that includes the “Mittelstand” (SMU) and science.

Taking communicative action creates culture.

The key lies in the mindset of focusing on our strengths. The German Mittelstand has shaped “Made in Germany.” No one denies that we are in a crisis. Economic history has weathered many crises and emerged stronger. Entrepreneurs have recognized and seized opportunities amidst all risks, consistently defying the public majority.

Reports of a decline and family entrepreneurs giving up or moving abroad distort the picture. Some studies show that 70-80% of family businesses want to continue, despite stagnation, bureaucracy, and a shortage of skilled workers. These are optimists, entrepreneurs in the spirit of Schumpeter.

The German DNA has two sides, both human:
1. Pessimism: We paint a dark picture, presenting problems as contributions.
2. Critical thinking: We provide innovative solutions to complex problems.

Risks create opportunities. We must recognize the chances, have the will for change, a surge. In leadership, it’s about vision, communication, trust, and the willingness to overcome stumbling blocks and master risks together.

There is an army of companies successfully transitioning to the next generation and digitally transforming. Innovation requires investments, especially in economically challenging times. A halt to innovation is dangerous; it makes companies vulnerable. Those investing during crises emerge strengthened. In the industrialization era, a wild time, companies became hidden champions. Now we face a new challenge: Industry 4.0.

Be the change: Lead with good examples. Let’s focus on positive entrepreneurial stories. There are numerous examples (see media & article).

ZEISS, Ströer, Würth, STIHL, ZWILLING, SAP, OHB, dm, Wilo, DeepL, L’Osteria, Deichmann, AlphaPet V., or take Ultraschall Herrmann, a company that, instead of welding or gluing, connects materials through ultrasound. From diapers to batteries, this saves eco-harmful adhesives and energy, it also enables new solutions.

Let’s share more of such successes and celebrate the innovations of the German “Mittelstand” as a model and mindset boost for all. Together, we can shape a future full of optimism and entrepreneurial spirit.

I am positive that the German-European Mittelstand can ascend to the world’s top again in the era of Industry 4.0, and hidden champions will continue to be synonymous with the German brand.

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